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Dr Chidananda Gowda - Bio Data

Prof. Chidananda Gowda was born in the village of Chockadi, near Sullia on June 15, 1942. He completed his graduation in Engineering from the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering at Bangalore in 1964. He continued his studies and obtained a Master's degree in Engineering from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 1969. He returned to Bangalore and completed his Phd from the Indian Institute of Science in 1979. He married Tarini, the second daughter of Kuvempu.  He also spent two years at NASA, United States and one year at INRIA, France for conducting post-doctoral research.


Dr Chidananda Gowda

Prof. K Chidananda Gowda at Free Software Movement-Karnataka office on 7th May,2011

Details of Academic Qualifications:

Name                                               : Dr.K.Chidanandagowda
Position held – earlier                        : Vice- chancellor , Kuvempu University (18-1-2002 to 18-1-2005)
                                                          Member, Board of Governors,
                                                          I.I.T.Mumbai (April 2002 to March 2005 AICTE 
                                                          Emeritus Professor of Computer Science
                                                          Member of the Syndicate, Jadhavpur University,
                                                          Calcutta ( 2000 – 2002 ) Director,JSS Research Foundation
                                                          Dean of Engineering , Mysore University: 2 years (1993 -94)
                                                          Former Principal & Professor of Computer Science & Engineering,
                                                          SJCE., Mysore

Education                                       : Post –Doctoral Research
                                                        i) NASA, New York, USA : 2 years (1981-83)
                                                        ii) INRIA, Paris, FRANCE : 1 year (1989 – 90)
                                                        Ph.D.(1979) – Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore
                                                        M.E ( 1969) – M.S.University of Baroda, Baroda
                                                        B.E.(1964) – University Viveswaraya College of Engg. Bangalore

Professional Recognition               : Visiting Professor at INRIA, Paris, France (1979)
                                                     Curriculam Vita included in “ Who is Who” Prepared by Classification
                                                     Research, Germany 
                                                     Chaired IECON Conf.in Tokyo, Japan (Oct,1984)
                                                     Chaired a conf.In Zurich (Aug.1986)
                                                     Chaired a conf.In Paris (1995)
                                                     Invited to KESDA’ 98 conference, Luxembourg (1998)
                                                     Invited Talk in the ECML conference pisa, Italy (2004)
                                                     Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India
                                                     AICTE Expert ( Emeritus Professor Selection, Project Revive / Selection) 
                                                     ISTE Visiting Professor (1992 – 93)

Publications                                  : More than 100 Research papers in Computer Science & Engg.
                                                      8 Books ( Science & Technology and Library)

Scientific Citations                       : Over 250 as of 2004

Ph.D Guidance                              : Ten Ph.D Candidates

Research Projects Co- ordinate     : 1.Research & Development organization , New Delhi (1988-91)
                                                    2. Indo- French Centre for Advanced Research, New Delhi ( 1994 – 97)
                                                    3. M1.Defen HRD/AICTE Sponsored Research Projects
                                                    4.Indo – Kazakh Inter Government Research Program

Conferences Co- Ordinate              :1.Program Chairman, Indo-French Conference, Paris(1),                                                         2. ISTE(2), 3.DRDO(1).10. CONTRIBUTIONS TO KARNATAKA
                                                        & KANNADA  I. BOOKS IN KANNADA ON SCEINCE & TECHNOLOGY
                                                        1) Putanigala Vignana Padyagalu ( Poems in Kannada based on
                                                        Science for Children )
                                                        Received Karnataka sahitya Award ( 1986) 
                                                    2) Engineering Gethegalu ( Technological Poems in Kannada )
                                                    3) Vignana Vachanagalu ( Vachanas in Kannada on Scientific topics )
                                                    4) Pattedari Padyagalu ( Truth – seeking poems in kannada )
                                                    5) Computer ( Introductory book in kannada )
                                                    6) Samparka Madhyamagalu ( Book on Electronic Communication in

                                                    II. KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT:  
1) Chief Adviser, Development of kannada software “ Kuvempu
Tantramsha” of Kannada University, Hampi,2007;
                                                   2) Chairman Kannada Software Development Committee

                                                    III. EDITOR OF KANNADA DICTIONARY:
1) “ Accha Kannada Nudikosha” ( Dictoinary of Classical Kannada),
                                                         513 pages.

                                                     IV. PRESIDENT, PRAPRATHAMA KANNADA GANAKA SAMMELANA :
                                                         1) First President of kannada computer conference organized by
                                                              kannada sahitya
Parishat, & Ganaka in Bangalore on 1920,
                                                              August 2006.

                                                     V. NEW INITIATIVES AT UNIVERSITY LEVEL IN KARNATAKA:
                                                          As Vice-Chancellor of Kuvempu University, initiated the following:
                                                          1) Choice Based Credit System ( CBCS ) at Post- graduate Level.
 Semester System at under –graduate Level.

Countries Visited :                          USA,Japan,Singapore,UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,
                                                     Switzerland, Norway , Denmark , Sweden , Benelux, Mauritus,


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